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Talium goes Stellar

The Stellar network allows decentralized exchanges and offers many other interesting features. Furthermore we will activate a new staking system in early 2020, which rewards coin owners based on their coin balances and coin ages - and release an interesting bonus system for our loyal investors. There will be no need to check regulary for wallet updates or to be oncerned about any swaps. With the new technology you just set up your wallet, keep your wallet secret private and lean back and get a passive income. Nobody will have access to your coins but you.

The new Talium will be compatible with all mainstream stellar services and even with hardware wallets, like Ledger or Trezor for the best possible security of your assets. The future is decentralized, the future is now. Join us!

Talium [TLM]

Due to massive changes in the crypto world we are going to make Talium ready for the future right now and move over to the Stellar network. The future is decentralized, the future is now. Join us!

Decentralized Chain

The Stellar public network is very stable, secure and an open-source code, which have been live and in use for over three years. Talium includes also a brand new staking system.

Decentralized Wallets

Litemint, the coolest and safest crypto wallet for everytone who wants to send, receive and trade any digital asset - decentralized, secure and friendly.

Decentralized Exchanges

You can swap between any pair of tokens issued on the network using simple functions built into the protocol. Transactions take about 5 seconds and cost only a fraction of a penny.

Your crytocurrency for in a perfect way.

Talium is much more than just a usual coin. With the supply of only 3.2 Million coins, Talium will be a growing investment for the future. But what is to different about Talium? We have some huge plans so just explore our website and check back regulary to find it out.

Coming up next:

  • Staking System
  • Bonus Reward System
  • Cooperations
  • System Platform

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