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Investment in Talium

Most of the time, investors tend to invest in assets that will yield long-term results, and to this end, the Talium masternodes functions by operating a treasury fund that oversees the operation process of the network and ensures that the cryptocurrency project is one that will yield returns on a long-term basis. Investors need not fear, as the Talium cryptocurrency was built to last for a very long time, and as such, investments in the system are bound to yield ROIs as at when due.

There is a low total supply of 3.2 Million Talium coins, and a masternode collateral of 5000 Talium coins, this invariably means that there will be very few masternodes and the Returns on Investments (ROIs) will be very high. This is great news for all HODL'ers and investors.

Talium [TLM]

The Talium coin was created by a team of brilliant developers, and these developers are ensuring that the ecosystem is well managed, and they are also working tirelessly to come up with new and improved features that will make Talium a better cryptocurrency that will be sort after by many.

Masternode Statistics

Talium will bring you up-to-date extended masternode statistics - with an affordable listing fee payable in TLM which also allows the developers of new coins listing their projects.

Automatic Escrow Service

Talium's automatic escrow system will allow you to trade any brand-new cryptocurrency without any risk to be cheated.

Masternode Hosting

No VPS or linux knowledge required and ready within minutes. Setup your own masternodes of many coins fast and easy with our automatic masternode install service.

Your crytocurrency for in a perfect way.

Talium is much more than just your usual masternode coin. With the supply of only 3.2 Million coins, Talium will be a growing investment for the future. But what is to different about Talium? We have some huge plans so just explore our website and check back regulary to find it out.

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