Talium [TLM] - PoW, PoS, Masternodes | Bitcoin Price: $11.605

Main Features of Talium

Talium's Network brings you lightening fast transactions in less than 5 seconds, decentralised exchanges, interesting partnerships, a PoS and bonus system and mobile wallets for your convenience.

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Details, PoS and Trading Bonus

You will receive a stake to your balance every 24 hours plus an extra amount of bonus for trading Talium at any exchanges.

Coin Name Talium
Ticker TLM
Type Stellar Asset
Algorithm SCP
Maximum Supply 3.2 Million
Transaction Time 3-5 sec
Minimum Stake Age 24 hours
Maximum Stake Age none
Staking Frequency 24 hours
PoS Reward up to 10.95% / year
Bonus Reward up to 10.95% / year
Transaction Fee 0.00001 XLM
TLM Wallet Balance Daily PoS Reward
less than 100 TLM no reward
100-500 TLM 0.01% ≅ 3.65% / year
500-1000 TLM 0.015% ≅ 5.48% / year
1000-6000 TLM 0.02% ≅ 7.3% / year
6000-25000 TLM 0.025% ≅ 9.13% / year
more than 25000 TLM 0.03% ≅ 10.95% / year
Number of TLM Trades Daily Bonus Reward
10-50 Trades 0.01% ≅ 3.65% / year
50-250 Trades 0.02% ≅ 7.3% / year
more than 250 Trades 0.03% ≅ 10.95% / year

A Quick Review of Talium

Get informed about all features and investment possibilities Talium Coin will offer you.


Bitcoin is the blockchain’s foremost application, the first cryptocurrency to implement the blockchain into its model. However, several cryptocurrencies have come to adopt the blockchain as too. 2017 was the year of cryptocurrencies, with the implementation of the blockchain technology, coins and tokens were springing up here and there with a great deal of ICOs in the market. There are currently well over 1200 coins circulating the market, each with its own distinctive features and uses. In this article, we will discuss Talium coin, the newest coin in the cryptocurrency market.

What is Talium cryptocurrency?

Talium coin is a new cryptocurrency at the Stellar blockchain, designed to provide a stable and secure means of financial transactions. The Stellar network offers a payment system free of all the accompanying barriers of the traditional way of financial transactions. With Talium, users can be rest assured of completely private and anonymous transactions especially for users who do not wish to reveal their identities in the course of a transaction.

Furthermore, the network features certain payment plug-ins which allow for the easy integration of services, promoting e-commerce by providing a platform for online merchandisers to sell their products, digital or otherwise from their own websites with the guarantee of no chargebacks or fraudulent activities. The Talium network is supported by an active and dedicated development team of experts to keep the code well managed.

Features of Talium coin

The Talium coin is a growing cryptocurrency with several unique features and plug-ins. Here, some of those features are explained in details.

  • Limited supply

Talium coins have a low total supply of 3.2 million TLM. However, the low coin supply promises a stable and increased price value for potential investors and token holders. Out of the total issuance amount, 10% will be used in the airdrop, 20% will be used in marketing campaigns and promotions, 30% is set aside foe further development of the platform while the remaining 40% will go to exchanges and MNO listings.

  • Exchanges

The Litemint wallet provides access to all trading pairs on the Stellar DEX. Easily place your buy and sell orders, browse the order book using a touch-enabled mobile-first UI and check last trades. And the best is: Your account keys always stay with you! Nobody else will own our Talium. Buy and sell on the Stellar decentralized exchange and take advantage of competitive trading fees. Launched in January 2018, Stellarport is a decentralized exchange founded with the goal of bringing Stellar to the masses. It allows users to quickly trade Stellar Lumens (XLM) and a range of other crypto assets, providing fast transaction times, no maker fees and taker fees of 0.15%.

Why you should invest in Talium?

Talium coin is a new cryptocurrency with all the potentials to be successful in the market. First off, the coin is a Proof of Stake compatible coinbased on the Stellar network, giving users a variety of options to boost their regular earnings. With a high Return on investment (ROI) an investment in Talium coin is a potentially profitable one. The low total supply will lead to increased demand which will subsequently cause an increase in the price of the coins, to the benefit of all token holders.