Talium [TLM] - PoW, PoS, Masternodes | Bitcoin Price: $3.713

Main Features of Talium

Talium's Network brings you an extended masternode statistic system, automatic escrow services, discord airdrop and swap bot systems, automatic masternode hosting, a payment system and mobile wallets for your convenience.

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Details and Block Rewards

Invest in Talium Coin. Get your coins with staking, mining or buying. Here are all the information about Talium.

Current Block: 422,576

Coin Name Talium
Ticker TLM
Type PoW / DPoS / Masternodes
Algorithm Scrypt
Diff Retargeting Every Block
Minimum Stake Age 6 Hours
Maximum Supply 3.2 Millions
Block Time 80 seconds
Maturity 100 Confirmations
PoS Block Reward 2 TLM
Split 75% MN / 25% PoS
MN Collateral 5,000 TLM
Block PoW Reward Block PoW Reward
100-4,999 1 TLM 100,000-109,999 2 TLM
5,000-9,999 2 TLM 110,000-119,999 2.5 TLM
10,000-19,999 2.5 TLM 120,000-129,999 3 TLM
20,000-29,999 3 TLM 130,000-139,999 3.5 TLM
30,000-39,999 2.5 TLM 140,000-149,999 2 TLM
40,000-49,999 3 TLM 150,000-159,999 2.5 TLM
50,000-59,999 3.5 TLM 160,000-169,999 2 TLM
60,000-69,999 3 TLM 170,000-179,999 1.5 TLM
70,000-79,999 2.5 TLM 180,000-189,999 2 TLM
80,000-89,999 3 TLM 190,000-199,999 1.5 TLM
90,000-99,999 3.5 TLM

A Quick Review of Talium

Get informed about all features and investment possibilities Talium Coin will offer you.


Bitcoin is the blockchain’s foremost application, the first cryptocurrency to implement the blockchain into its model. However, several cryptocurrencies have come to adopt the blockchain as too. 2017 was the year of cryptocurrencies, with the implementation of the blockchain technology, coins and tokens were springing up here and there with a great deal of ICOs in the market. There are currently well over 1200 coins circulating the market, each with its own distinctive features and uses. In this article, we will discuss Talium coin, the newest coin in the cryptocurrency market.

What is Talium cryptocurrency?

Talium coin is a new cryptocurrency based off the Scrypt algorithm of the blockchain network, designed to provide a stable and secure means of financial transactions. The Talium network offers a payment system free of all the accompanying barriers of the traditional way of financial transactions. With Talium, users can be rest assured of completely private and anonymous transactions especially for users who do not wish to reveal their identities in the course of a transaction.

Furthermore, the network features certain payment plug-ins which allow for the easy integration of services, promoting e-commerce by providing a platform for online merchandisers to sell their products, digital or otherwise from their own websites with the guarantee of no chargebacks or fraudulent activities. The Talium network is supported by an active and dedicated development team of experts to keep the code well managed.

Features of Talium coin

The Talium coin is a growing cryptocurrency with several unique features and plug-ins. Here, some of those features are explained in details.

  • Masternodes

A masternode is simply a cryptocurrency full node or wallet synced on the blockchain network that keeps the full copy of the digital ledger in real-time, just like a regular node. However masternodes differ considerably from regular nodes as they have unique functionalities beyond keeping the full blockchain and relaying transactions. Masternodes were created as part of the infrastructure of the crypto system that guarantees instant payments, privacy and anonymity all via a decentralized system. They also incentivize the system in such a way that masternode operators receive financial compensation for their services.

Masternodes of the Talium network can be run by anyone on the network. However, just like every other masternode, there is an entry barrier put in place by the Talium network because due to their increased capabilities, to ensure that the system doesn’t get malicious or centralized. Every user is expected to hold a minimum of 5000 TLM to qualify them to run a masternode. The locked up coins serve as a collateral and makes it less likely for masternode operators to cheat as punishment for fraudulent acts is in devaluation of their hodlings. Masternodes of Talium can be hosted in Windows, Linux and Mac.

  • Proof of Work

Proof of Work is a validation protocol where miners are expected to solve a mathematical puzzle/computer algorithm before a transaction can be verified. The first miner to solve the puzzle within a block is rewarded for the block which is then verified and recorded on the permanent database of the blockchain. Although the mining process uses up a lot of energy, PoW guarantees trustless and distributed transactions and it remains the more popular validation concept.

  • Limited supply

Talium coins have a low total supply of 3.2 million TLM. However, the low coin supply promises a stable and increased price value for potential investors and token holders. Out of the total issuance amount, 10% will be used in the airdrop, 20% will be used in marketing campaigns and promotions, 30% is set aside foe further development of the platform while the remaining 40% will go to exchanges and MNO listings.

  • Exchanges

Talium coins were officially launched on the 2nd of April 2018 and had been made available for trade on the CryptoBridge decentralized exchange (under the ticker TLM) where it can be exchanged for bitcoins (BTC). For now, CryptoBridge is the only exchange the coins are tradable on.

  • Block Time

A block time is the average time it takes to mine a block. The network sets the difficulty level for each block and by extension, the block time. In Talium, the expected block time is set at 80 seconds.

“ Why you should invest in Talium”

Talium coin is a new cryptocurrency with all the potentials to be successful in the market. First off, the coin is a Proof of Work, Proof of Stake and Masternodes compatible coin, giving users a variety of options to boost their regular earnings. Additionally, PoS and Masternodes operators are rewarded with 2TLM for every verified block while PoW miners are rewarded based on the blocks validated. With a high Return on investment (ROI) an investment in Talium coin is a potentially profitable one. The low total supply will lead to increased demand which will subsequently cause an increase in the price of the coins, to the benefit of all token holders. Also, the Masternodes operates a treasury fund which guarantees the success of the crypto project in the long run.